ANS continues to deliver new testing methods for its clients in the area of inspection of HDPE Fusion Butt joints. Utilizing  Advanced Ultrasonic techniques (TOFD & PAUT) for the inspection of both HDPE and PPH grades of plastic piping used in many industrial applications for process piping and water services.  ANS utilizes both TOFD and Phased Array ultrasonic techniques to evaluate condition of new fusion joints in HDPE plastic piping systems.  Pipes inspected to date range from 3 inch to 10 inch diameter lines with wall thickness from 10-35mm.

Type of defects commonly observed are Lack of Fusion; inadequate penetration and porosity.  A complete range of calibration blocks were fabricated to the same Outer Diameter (OD) and wall thickness dimensions as that of the piping to be inspected.  These were produced for both HDPE and PPH grades of piping.

Utilizing a semi-automated encoded scanning system a full set of data was recorded for each individual fusion weld for it’s full circumference by placing TOFD/PAUT probes on either side of weld.