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Weldscan XT

WeldScan XT

WeldScan XT is the simple solution to performing phased array and TOFD weld scans. The scanner can scan pipe in the circumferential or axial direction and can hold up to 8 transducers at a time. Configuring the scanner is quick and easy.


  • Versatile – scans pipe in the circumferential & axial directions
  • Configurable – changing the configuration is quick and easy
  • Magnetic wheels – prevent slipping and holds the scanner’s weight
  • Compatible – connectors available for most UT systems


  • 2 straight arms
  • 2 hinged arms
  • 4 probe gimbles
  • 15 foot encoder cable with your choice of connector
  • Travel case

Weldscan XT Weldscan XT Weldscan XT Weldscan XT