Advanced NDT Solutions

Corrosion Control Services

Corrosion Control Surveys and Solutions:

Cathodic Protection design both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode Systems.

Supply and install cathodic protection systems to include all the necessary equipment including Transformer Rectifies Units , Anodes and monitoring equipment.

Close Interval Potential Surveys(CIPS) and cathodic protection surveys.

High Voltage Mitigation solutions .

Remedial action against stray current and foreign structures.

Supply and install IF kits and Insulated Joint kits.

Fault finding and suggested remedial action. (low or high potential readings)

Coating inspection and Holiday Testing plus coating or wrapping repairs.

Cathodic Protection in concrete to include site surveys anode supply and installation.

Cathodic Protection surveys of jetties to include piles and concrete structures.

Potential mapping of concrete to include remedial action required.

Cathodic Protection surveys internal and external on bulk storage tanks.

Wastewater Treatment Plant investigations. Remedial action against corrosion and bacteria attacks(SRB)

Annual and Bi-annual Cathodic Protection  surveying, reports plus data base establishment.