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PAUT for Boiler Tubes

PAUT for Boiler Tubes

Advanced NDT Phased Array Ultrasonics Boiler Tube Inspection applications have become almost the norm in many areas of industry today. The benefits of this non destructive testing technology being the ability to store a full inspection record using the Sonotron NDT ISONIC 3510 with its “True to Geometry” visual display capability enhances inspection interpretation. The visual display of combined A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan and S-Scan gives a simplified understanding of flaw type and associated dimensions with the additional options of 3D imaging.

Phased Array advanced ultrasonics has the advantage over conventional manual ultrasonic NDT techniques because it is possible to inspect large volumes of welds and material from a fixed location. This allows otherwise difficult geometries to be inspected. Thus the technique can be utilized for a very large variation of applications from standard butt welds in vessels and piping to more complex sweepolets, flanges, railway tracks, nozzles, turbine blades and many more.


Boiler Tube Testing

The majority of Phased Array equipment used on site is very portable and generally used in conjunction with manually driven encoded scanning devices, although much more elaborate robotic designs are available. The units vary in hardware from 32 to 128 element pulser configurations that determine the thickness of materials that can be covered within a single scan.

It is important that the individuals performing these examinations are trained, certified correctly in both the technology and actual equipment being operated. Detailed scan plans are required prior to examinations being performed and correct calibration/reference blocks and performance demonstration welds to correctly validate inspection technique.

Phased Array Technology has also been utilized to perform Ultrasonic examinations for the evaluation of environmental damage mechanisms such as HIC, SOHIC, SCC and HTHA. The sectorial image produced from a phased array scan can often reveal whether stepwise cracking is present between hydrogen blisters that would not be noted from 0 longitudinal inspection. Field trials have determined Phased Array techniques to be the most successful in identifying and sizing Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) in stainless steel piping butt welds. The image below indicates typical SCC detected using Phased Array techniques.

Allow the experts at Advanced NDT Solutions (ANS) develop an inspection solution for your company, we can provide the ANSwer to obtaining the information you require to continue the safe operation of your plant equipment. Our team of NDT technologists has over 15 years experience in delivering advanced ultrasonic technology in the field, prior to their acceptance into construction codes as standard practices. We aim for quality and integrity everyday