Advanced NDT Solutions

Advanced NDT Services

Advanced NDT Services

Advanced NDT Services encompasses a very large field of techniques and potential applications across a wide variety of Industrial Sectors.  ANS primarily utilises this technology in the Pharmaceutical; Oi l& Gas; Energy-Power Generation and New Construction/Fabrication sectors.

The group of technologies can be divided into three main categories 1) Ultrasonic Applications and 2) Electromagnetic Applications and Computerised Radiography.

Ultrasonic applications include Phased Array Ultrasonics; Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD); Automated Corrosion Mapping (Ambient and High Temperatures up to 400C and AUT which covers High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA); Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC); Long Range Ultrasonics (LRUT); Short range Ultrasonics (SRUT).

Electromagnetic applications include Surface Eddy Current ; Eddy Current array; Tube Inspection techniques (RFT/NFT/MFL/ECT); 3D Floor Scanning.

Often there is a requirement to combine techniques to acquire sufficient data to present comprehensive results.