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About Advanced NDT Solutions

Advanced NDT Solutions are an experienced state of the art non destructive testing service company. Hence, our personnel have the skills and years of experience to provide top quality advanced and standard non-destructive testing services. Additionally, we work in Ireland and globally for, among others, the pharmaceutical chemical, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries.

To control the quality of the services we provide Advanced NDT Solutions operates a Quality System to the internationally recognised requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008. The ISO 9001 Quality System is accredited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI). Advanced NDT Solutions continues to audit and improved the system to ensure the highest standards of service are maintained.

Why choose ANS

About us at Advanced NDT Solutions for non-destructive testing

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In addition, at ANS we commit to delivering an excellent service that never compromise health and safety. We provide dedicated services and applications for the Pharmaceutical; Oil & Gas ; Power Generation – Energy and Construction Sectors globally. We perform all of these tasks with a commitment to Quality and Integrity every time.

Additionally, the ANS team will propose solutions for all of your inspection requirements. Additionally, we are always an advocate for performance demonstration of specific techniques.

Likewise, our centre of excellence R&D department are always willing to evaluate the most difficult inspection tasks.


In summary, at ANS we listen very closely to our customers to understand their exact goals. Furthermore, we act in a way that will help them achieve those goals. We make it clear and obvious that we’re enthusiastically committed to partnering the customer and delivering a solution on time and to budget.