ANS: Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

We are an experienced advanced non-destructive testing service company. Our personnel have the skills and years of experience to provide top quality advanced and standard non-destructive testing services. We work in Ireland and globally for - among others - the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries.

ANS ISO 9001 Certificates

Advanced NDT Solutions has been registered as certified with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for Non Destructive Testing Services. The International Organization for Standardization's ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognised quality control certification. Click on the logo to see ANS's ISO certificates.

ANS at the 2013 oil & gas Summit

Advanced NDT Solutions participated in the recently held Oil & Gas Summit in Dublin, Ireland. There has been renewed interest in exploration for oil and gas in Irish waters. The Summit allowed leading Companies and Industry Experts to share their wealth of knowledge with delegates.

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Advanced NDT Solutions were finalists in the 2012 National Enterprise Awards. Mark Cassidy and David Finegan were presented with their award by the Minister for trade and Employment Mr Richard Burton at the Awards Ceremony in the Mansion House Dublin. (Photo by Mark Stedman, Photocall Ireland, courtesy of the County and City Enterprise Boards.)

ANS: Comprehensive NDT Services Provider

Our services include all of the standard NDT inspection methods: industrial radiography, ultrasonics, dye penetrant, visual, magnetic and electromagnetic inspections. We also provide more modern advanced NDT services, including: time of flight diffraction, phased array and long range ultrasonics, HIC/SOHIC, corrosion mapping, HTHA, tube and ACFM inspections. Our range of inspection methods allows us to provide a complete solution for all of our clients NDT needs.

ANS also provides a comprehensive welding NDE solution, comprising: welding inspections, welder qualification tests, weld procedure qualification, 3rd party vendor and FAT inspections.

ANS's non destructive engineering services includes metallurgical evaluation and analysis in our metallurgical laboratory (MetLab). We provide field replication allowing: creep analysis and sigma phase, grain size and crack evaluation. In addition we provide hardness testing, positive material Identification, failure analysis and macro examination.

ANS is available anytime to discuss your NDT needs. You will receive a quality service from ANS.

ANS: We have the Technology - Advanced NDT Services

Our aim is to utilize technological advances in Non-Destructive Testing services to provide a cost efficient and safety conscious approach to delivering the ANSwer to all of your inspection requirements.

ANS: Provides a one stop shop for all your inspection needs and dilemmas

ANS has a highly diverse and experienced staff of skilled Radiography and Non Destructive Testing professionals. We have the expertise to choose and deliver the correct NDT technologies for your needs whether the project is based in Ireland or elsewhere.

ANS: Delivers Results

Individual technologies have limitations. Our specialists can develop procedures that utilise multiple NDT technologies to provide you with the ANSwers you require.

ANS: Experts you can trust

We will not apply advanced NDT techniques that are not suitable for your specific application. We will only inspect where it is feasible to inspect with confidence.

ANS: Professional Qualified Staff

Quality and integrity are the priority in all aspects of our business. All of our field specialists operate on this basis. We employ only those specialists independently trained and certified in the international standards - PCN/EN 487/ASNT - in their individual non destructive testing fields. We utilize experienced consultants in the areas were we lack expertise and qualifications.

ANS: Committed to Excellence

We commit to serve all our customers in a prompt and professional manner and will endeavour to be a premier provider of quality in all areas of Non Destructive Testing, Material Testing Services, Metallurgical Services (MetLab) and Radiography - in Ireland and globally.









Customized Inspection Applications : We can find the ANSwer!